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Integration inside Owncloud

Original Idea : integrating RainLoop inside Owncloud, via an Owncloud plugin (like the one that exists for RoundCube, but largely enhanced).

The idea behind it is :

- to have RainLoop as an app for Owncloud (like "music","file","pictures","documents", etc...)
- to open mail addresses in Owncloud (eg. in the "contact") with RainLoop
- to download a attached file in email directly in Owncloud, without downloading it from RainLoop to the computer, and then uploading it again to Owncloud
- And the reverse : to attach a Owncloud file in an email
- and even : to open attached *.odt files directly with the "document" app in Owncloud
- to have the RainLoop using the contacts of Owncloud when composing e-mail (already available using the Owncloud carddav server in RainLoop)
- to add *.ics file joined in emails integrated inside the Owncloud calendar (like in outlook), and share an event in Owncloud calendar with an email created via RainLoop like this (*.ics file attached)

As for now, an owncloud plugin exists so we can use rainloop inside owncloud interface, with auto-login (SSO).
Please do not abandon it, it is great.

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    Mageti shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Andrew commented  · 

        Right now the existing integration is awesome - the only thing I'm missing is a new email notification somewhere on the owncloud panel.

      • Conrad Beckert commented  · 

        It would be great to securely attach from Owncloud WebDAV shares and save to them. Sending big files via a mobile connection eats up minutes while leaving everything on the server rocks.

        I want to retire my unsupported eGroupware which can do exactly that.

      • Pablo commented  · 

        Maybe this integration could be implemented in a protocol bases. Like WebDav storage (wich suits owncloud and other file services and works to send and save files) maybe with the webdav client on the server side of rainloop. CardDav for contacts sync, I see work has started there but still needs some work.

      • xu kai commented  · 

        I extremely need the function of attach file from the server, not from dropbox or google app.

        Dropbox and google app and many other best service providers blocked by GOV. here in China Mainland(that sucks). That's why I need rainloop.

      • Yuri commented  · 

        There is one more missed feature: external (for rainloop) storage usage for big file attachment. In other words, when user tries to attach big file, file will be copied into ownclowd and publik link to this file will be inserted into email text instead of file attach as such. I mean, will be _automaticly_ copied into owncloud. Without any other user action.

      • Leander commented  · 

        For me the integration in Owncloud is nearly perfect.
        I just really miss the possibility to add more Carddav-accounts than just one. If you have several Adressbooks in Owncloud to share not all of your contacts you have a little problem to integrate all adresses in rainloop.

        The second thing what is missing is to be able to attach files out of owncloud directly and reverse.

      • Robert Breunung commented  · 

        This seems to be a big package of features. Most important for me would be the Caldav support of any kind. Addresses are usable somehow through Carddav Sync.

      • motey commented  · 

        Iam not security professional so maybe this is a stupid question. But would it make sense to store the pgp key in owncloud?
        So you would have the same key on all clients.
        I know you would have a bigger risk to get the key exploited but the usability would be great.

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